Monday, March 11, 2013

Wild Ride of Unpredicatble Plotwork

I tried to plot this next book out... but it had other ideas. What was supposed to be a clear-cut modernization of the Book of Revelation has morphed into a film noir, dystopian near-future story. Feel free to vote via the comments. If you could change anything about this writing project, what would it be?

In keeping with my other posts, there's a writing prompt below. It has nothing to do with the writing pitch for my upcoming novel project "Paradise Found".

Pitch for (working title) "Paradise Found":
My main character, Shane Carrigan, was supposed to be the hero. The only problem is that Shane doesn't care enough. He's a worn-out, used-up, pessimistic cop, so when the case he's working threatens to end the world, Shane either wants to sigh in relief or give the bad guys a standing ovation for their originality. Fortunately for the world, decades of duty and a lifetime of contrariness set him solidly against the villains instead. Unfortunately for Shane, he's outclassed and out-maneuvered. With help from his coworkers on the police force, an angel who doubts Shane's good intentions, and a devil who can't decide if Shane is worth damning, this Chicago cop must solve the case... and hope he's good enough to stop the Apocalypse.

Writing Prompt:
The door beckoned, and - like the naive fool I am - I opened it. Of course, trouble was waiting on the other side. What had I really expected? Biting back a sigh, I grabbed my coat from beside the door, shoved my keys in one pocket, and strode out to meet it...

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