Sunday, March 24, 2013

Include Annoyances

Here's another tip about doing quality word-padding: include the things that annoy your main character and his or her friends.

This doesn't mean that you should include a laundry list of irksome subjects. Readers probably won't enjoy pages full of a character's profile.

I've included a list of annoyances relating to the character, Shawn. The first example is the way to avoid writing about annoyances. The second is the beginning of your writing prompt.

Don't write: Shawn couldn't stand traffic, loiterers, pets who slipped their leashes, having a pebble in his shoe, or police officers who missed blatant traffic violations.

Do write: Shawn sat on his bike, silently thanking the manufacturer for using a comfortable seat in its assembly. The comfort of his backside was about the only thing that was going right this morning. Some careless pet owner had lost hold of a terrier a few blocks back, and Shawn reluctantly recalled his need to swerve to miss a few people loitering as they started through the crosswalk...

Have fun, and keep writing!

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