Saturday, February 2, 2013

To Rewrite or not to Rewrite?

As you probably read, I finished the first draft of my fantasy novel "An Amazon Scorned" on January 31st. Unfortunately, I now have to deal with the weak spots in it, such as:

1. There's a partially written scene that was supposed to be character development, but I skipped the rest because it was a foil to the main character.
2. I forgot to write a scene that will set up a Wall Street angle in this series' future books.
3. I need to do more research on the mythological entity that one of the villains is based on... and the entity in question has just a few passages, most of which give the same tidbit of character analysis. (It's Angra Mainyu, if anyone was wondering.)
4. (I may have forgotten to develop and conclude a subplot.)

I'm torn about whether I should query literary agents with the book as is, or if I should take another month to reinforce the weak parts.

In support of querying immediately, is the argument that by the time I hear back from any agent, I probably will have fixed the spots anyway.

An argument against querying immediately, is that if an agent wants to see the whole manuscript, I'll have to either fix the weak spot quickly or send it with its imperfections.

Any advice?

While I'm waiting for feedback, here's a writing prompt about dilemmas.

Prompt: He'd heard about being between a rock and a hard place, but this was ridiculous. If he appeased the disgruntled customer, his boss would take the reimbursement out of his earnings. (The boss was just that kind of lady.) If he tried to send the customer away, his boss would demote him for being insensitive. Faced with this, there was only one thing to do...

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