Saturday, February 9, 2013

Story Ideas

I don't know how this works for other writers, but I get the best story ideas at one of two times.

1. When I'm taking a long walk, and there's no paper or writing instruments for me to take notes, or
2. When I'm too busy with life, work, and other stuff to write the idea down.

Feel free to comment below about when you get your best story ideas. (Out jogging? During a boring date?)

Here are a few prompts to help with those ideas:

Prompt 1: Sunlight poured down relentlessly, and heat made the simple act of breathing painful. If only he hadn't agreed to run a marathon in Death Valley...

Prompt 2: The plane jolted under her, and she grabbed nervously at the armrests of her seat. She accidentally clamped her hand over the arm of the man sitting next to her, and...

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