Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Failure is the Best Incentive

I just received my first literary agent rejection on "An Amazon Scorned". Unfortunately, it was the customary form letter 'this project isn't right for us... best of luck'. Fortunately, the turn-around was less than a day, rather than the weeks or months that I've come to expect.

So, if anyone wants to hear back quickly on their manuscripts, I have to suggest Uwe Stender at TriadaUS Literary Agency. Maybe one of this blog's readers will have a manuscript that fits their market better. TriadaUS says they're looking for varying types of commercial fiction, so if that sounds like your project, try querying TriadaUS.

Some of the best lessons come from disappointing experiences. Although I wish I'd already found an agent to represent "An Amazon Scorned", this gives me more opportunities to perfect my querying technique and revise the manuscript, not to mention providing material for tonight's post!

Here's a prompt about turning disappointment into opportunity for a character. Have fun, and keep writing!

Prompt: She walked dispiritedly out of the storefront, frustrated that yet another minimum-wage, part-time, no-benefits job prospect had turned her down. She'd heard the economy was bad, but how much did the discount shop have to be hurting to only give her a two-minute interview? She decided to walk home, rather than taking the bus. It wasn't like she could afford the fare anyway. That was when she saw it... the thing that would turn her life around. If she'd been riding the bus, she would've gone by too fast, and completely missed it...

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