Thursday, January 17, 2013

Two Prompts for the Price of One

I've finally made the leap into Twitter. It looks like a phenomenal time-waster, but might also be great for finding fellow writers and getting advice from literary agents. There is a writing prompt posted there right now, under my name ().

Don't worry; I'll still post prompts here... and they'll be different from the ones on Twitter. That means you'll get 2 prompts whenever I post, rather than just seeing the same material recycled on each site.

My Twitter Prompt was about the weather, so this one should be about something less mundane. Let's try... sea monsters!

One good thing that came from posting on Twitter was my new idea that people could request a personalized writing prompt. Want to get started on that steamy romance novel, but don't know what your character should look like? Need a hint about how to begin a fantasy story? Email me at, or find me on Twitter, and I'll respond ASAP.

Okay, enough stalling... on to the prompt!

Salty Depths Prompt: The ship swayed gently underfoot, and the half-full form of the moon lit up the surrounding waters like a searchlight across a rolling prairie. He strolled easily across the deck to the port side rail, his feet finding the wooden boards without difficulty despite their ever-changing positions. Across the moonlight-speckled waters, he saw something break the surface, something unlike any marine life that should be in this region. The only way to describe it was...

Have fun, and keep writing!

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