Wednesday, January 30, 2013

An Amazon Scorned Update

Remember the modern-day Amazon story I started talking about 2 days ago? The working title is "An Amazon Scorned", and now I'm at more than 126,000 (aka 277 pages).

I'm trying to get to the end of this project, but it's tricky. I need to wrap up most of the loose ends, set up for the sequel, and do it all without slipping into the fatal trap of exposition.

As a result, what should have been a day's work of writing a few scenes has turned into a few weeks of agonizing over the nuances of those few scenes.

On the positive side, my writing style has remained relatively constant throughout this project, and the quality isn't suffering... the only casualty is my self-imposed deadline of finishing by tomorrow.

There's still hope that I can finish tomorrow, as I've set aside a few hours solely for writing. Either way, I'll post tomorrow night about my progress.

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