Monday, April 8, 2013

Memorable Scenes... Dialogue Optional

In my writing for the NaNo even this month, I've found that it's possible to write a suspenseful scene without much dialogue and no real action.

For example, in the project I'm working on now "Paradise Found", the main character is trying to solve a missing person case at a busy outdoor concert venue. Unfortunately, the audience is somewhat fanatical about respecting their favorite performers, and Detective Joe Carrigan's questions - no matter how quietly asked - are considered too much to be tolerated.

I was able to write several hundred words, just describing the crowd, the emotionally charged situation, and the impending riot that Detective Carrigan and his partner get trapped in.

Try weaving three types of description into your next scene:
  1. Visual,
  2. Emotional, and
  3. Physical.
See how well each ties into the next, and build the ambiance of the scene until it reaches a breaking point. From there, you can start a new chapter, or resolve the tension with a verbal argument, a strongly-worded chastisement, a physical fight, or some comedic relief. Try each, to see which one works best for your short story or novel project.

Here's a writing prompt. Remember to include all 3 types of description.

Writing Prompt: The entire kennel full of dogs went silent when the new canine resident arrived. From an excitable, yapping miniature Schnauzer to a gruff, loud wolfhound, every dog stared at the newest one with distrust. Maybe it was because the new dog had...

Have fun, and keep writing!

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