Sunday, May 13, 2012

Make Your Story the Life of the Party

Complete the prompts below, each of which depicts a different type of party. Try to answer these questions, and see the post below for other ideas about how to use a party setting to explore your characters' reactions to each other. Who attended the party? Does your main character want to be there? If not, how does he or she cope? Is there food? (Is it any good?) Who is hosting the party, and why have they chosen to do so?

Party Sequence One:

As she looked out from the balcony and saw the cascade of period costumes, swirling on the hardwood dance floor, she wondered why she wasn't enjoying the party more. All of her friends had been invited, and they were here. Everyone else seemed to be happy, so at least she wasn't a complete failure as a hostess.

Then, she saw the reason for her irritation. Across the room, in a ridiculous outfit that didn't match the period theme (as clearly stated in the invitations), stood her oldest enemy...

Party Sequence Two:

He snagged a snack off a passing tray, plopping it in his mouth, chewing, and swallowing without admitting to himself that he didn't even know what kind of cheese he had just eaten. His dress shirt scratched uncomfortably in his waistband, his polished shoes felt too small, and the marble floor caught every inane laugh and loud brag, amplifying the noise until his head ached.

Why was he here again? Oh, right... he was being supportive. He sighed, grimaced, and then waded back into the chattering crowd with a forced smile plastered on his face...

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