Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Welcome to How to Write Fiction in Your Pajamas

In the days of big-name authors and imposingly-successful publishing houses, the mere idea of writing fiction can seem overwhelming and intimidating. This is the blog that says anyone can write fiction...so whether you're new to writing or experienced, take a peek at the articles and hints on this blog.

I will provide writing prompts to get your writing started, information about literary events in the Washington, DC area to help you network, and dilemmas from my own writing to show solidarity with all the other aspiring authors who read this blog. There is even a section (over there -->) where you can write in and give advice about writing...just in case I've missed anything.

Look around the website, and if you want a different type of material added, let me know. I can be contacted at assumeavirtue@sbcglobal.net (For those of you who know which Shakespearean play that address is from, kudos!)


  1. Stopping in from LinkedIn. My first reaction is that aside from the background being a cool picture, I'm am not a fan of that background with the white print--I find it to be hard on the eyes. Many bloggers share this opinion I think. From what I've heard most blogger seem to prefer a light colored unbusy background with black (or dark print)--at least that's been my experience.

    There is not much content yet to judge by. If it is always prompts, someone like me would be unlikely to use them since I always have more content than I can keep up with. I guess you'll have to experiment to see what your visitors respond to.

    Are you going to add a Friend Connect widget so people can sign up to follow?

    Those are my initial thoughts based on my personal opinion.

    Best wishes on your success with this new venture.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

    1. Lee,
      Thanks for your feedback. I've changed the background and font color so that it's easier to read. This meant sacrificing the writer's garret picture...but it is more important that people can read this site than that it is perfectly themed, right?

      Thanks again,